AKG 電容鵝頸話筒 CGN 323 E

上海視聽網--AKG會議話筒系列產品:AKG 電容鵝頸話筒 CGN 323 E


CGN 323 E 30厘米(12英寸)電容鵝頸話筒
■ 超心形極性模式
■ 30厘米(12英寸)長
■ 95度拾音角度
■ 適用于不同的聲音環境
■ 透過XLR插頭使連接裝置更加容易

■ 極性模式:超心形
■ 拾音角度:95度
■ 頻率范圍:50至19000赫茲
■ 靈敏度:12mV/PA=-38dBV*
■ 最大聲壓級(1%THD):125分貝
■ 等效噪聲電平:<21分貝-A
■ 信噪比(A加權):>73分貝
■ 電子阻抗:≤600歐姆
■ 建議載入阻抗:≥2000歐姆
■ 電源需求:9至52V幻像電源(DIN 45596,DPA集成適配器)
■ 電流消耗:<3mA
■ 連接裝置:3針公XLR
■ 外觀:啞光深灰色
■ 尺寸(話筒頭直徑×長度):13.5×380毫米(0.5×15英寸)
■ 凈重/海運重量:160/480克(5.7/17盎司)
■ 標準附件:防風屏
■ 自選配件:B18,PS 3 F形固定裝置,H500,H600,SA60,ST1,ST45
■ 代號:2965Z0002


  • 市場價:請電話咨詢


Sixty years of quality sound: Sixty years of AKG.

  In the world of pro audio, AKG microphones and headsets have been synonymous with excellence for several decades. In 2007, the company proudly celebrates its 60th anniversary and starts its next phase of worldwide expansion.

  Recording studios, radio and TV stations, opera houses and famous stages around the world count on AKG products. Internationally known musicians and performers have frequently been seen over the years using our high-quality microphones and headphones. Today AKG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality microphones, headphones and wireless equipment. Here is the brief story of one of the most famous brands in the professional audio world.

  AKG, founded in Vienna in 1947 by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, soon became one of the biggest players in the world of sound. Today AKG is synonymous with "good" seems Kind of a weak descriptor; use "superior" sound, representing passion in music by providing the highest quality and ongoing innovation. Within months of the company's establishment, the first AKG microphones were already being used in radio stations, theatres and jazz clubs. The products (the AKG DYN Series) were at that time manufactured by hand by five workers.

  In 1949, the first AKG headphones came on the market. Then, in the early '50s, AKG made a breakthrough with several new products: totally new products like the D 12, the world's first high-quality condenser microphone complete with cardioid characteristics; the C 12, the world's first remote-controlled, multi pattern capacitor microphone; and the D 36 made acoustic history. One of the first customers to purchase the famous C 12 microphone was the BBC in London.

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